iXOOST AVALÁN Forged Carbon - Original Huracán Performante Lamborghini™

New look for the iXOOST AVALÁN Lamborghini: Carbon Forged

After the incredible success of AVALÁN Lamborghini in its 4 standard colors on a carbon fiber shell, the compact model of luxury speaker born from the partnership between the house of Toro and iXOOST presents itself with a completely new look in the world of hi-fi. AVALÁN Forged Carbon, in fact, like its predecessor, maintains the original exhausts of the Huracán Performante as a sounding board, but it is the first Bluetooth stereo in the world made of Forged Carbon, a special composite fiber typical of some of the most prestigious models of Lamborghini cars. This completely innovative composite material strikes the eye with its minimalist style and enhances the shapes of AVALÁN, which immediately recall the rear lines of Lamborghini ™ cars.

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