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Sound is pure power thanks to the best automotive technologies.

If what you are looking for from your home sound system is pure sound power, iXOOST Bluetooth speakers are the devices for you. Our wireless speakers owe to their origins in the land of motors not only the original design inspired by the shapes of supercars, but also the extraordinary sonic performance characterized by natural and perfectly balanced sound.

One of the most fascinating and stimulating challenges is the engineering of our products. It is not easy, in fact, to achieve an amazing sound quality starting from materials and shapes that were not initially conceived to become hi-fi systems. But iXOOST creations are exactly that!

The technology that makes all this possible is the same one that owes the power of some of the most beautiful and fastest sports cars in the world, those born in the cradle of the Po Valley from a fervent passion for engines.

Experience and assiduous technological research make the Emilian automotive industry inimitable, from which the iXOOST Wireless Bluetooth speakers have inherited materials, knowledge, and design.

Looking at the exhaust manifolds of some of the most technologically advanced cars ever created, we imagined we could reproduce that same power – of which the roar of the engine is a symbol – to amplify the music with high-end wireless speakers.

Listen to your favorite music with iXOOST smart speakers and indulge in the pleasure of pure and crystal-clear sound in every corner of your home. The listening experience is optimized to give you all the vivid nuances of the sound you love.

Bluetooth Speaker made from a car exhaust manifold

Bluetooth speaker: technologies for an intense listening experience

How can an original Lamborghini exhaust be transformed into a Bluetooth speaker system? Because we had the intuition to exploit the most advanced technologies and materials used in the automotive sector: a monocoque frame in carbon Twill 245 3k polymerized in an autoclave at 6 bar, for example, is the heart of the Lamborghini ESAVOX and AVALAN models, which have a passive vibration damping system and conical supports with variable height. It is thanks to the quality of these materials, made by the same craftsmen who supply the famous Emilian car manufacturers, that our wireless hi-fi speakers can be optimized to give you such an intense listening experience.

XILO, on the other hand, is characterized by a multi-structure that exploits the diversity of materials and makes the sound crystal clear: the architecture of the 8-inch active woofer allows to optimize the reproduction of low frequencies, while the choice of wood for the structure increases. the fidelity of the sound of the amplifier 2X100 + 1X200 W with integrated AudioB plus Bluetooth module with low energy absorption. In this model, the winning intuition was to exploit the shape of the collector to reproduce a perfectly balanced sound, thanks to 2 front 1 “tweeters and 2 4” midbasses and 1 8 “subwoofer.

Radial6 plays with the shapes of the old radial aircraft engines, once again exploiting the potential of the exhaust manifolds to amplify the sound and make it full and enveloping: the circularity of the structure is not only a decorative and iconic element but is designed to guarantee a sound front as open and natural as possible, thanks to the transducers made up of 2 tweeters of 1 “, 4 midranges of 2”. In the rear there is also a 4 ″ woofer for a stereo effect of great depth and a very natural tone.

KUBO is also a hi-tech object made with an aluminum supporting structure and with the possibility of customizing it by adding real carbon Twill 245 3k polymerized in an autoclave at 6 bar. Despite its small size, this wireless speaker surprises for the depth of the bass, obtained thanks to the real exhaust pipes that function as bass reflexes, bringing the rear wave of the woofer towards the front. By adjusting the right length of the collectors, we have optimized the sound with an incredible result for wireless Bluetooth speakers of this size.

Bluetooth speaker made from a helmet

We create your audio speakers from any object

The most surprising thing about the technology of our home speaker systems is that it can be applied to any automotive component, and not only: we are able to make any object sound, whether it is a piece of your favorite car, a helmet, or a component of water or air vehicles. Potentially any artifact can be transformed into a high-tech audio system with surprising sound performance, combining the power of sound with a fine design that also makes it an original piece of furniture.

Do you want to know more about iXOOST technology or request a quote for your customized Bluetooth stereo system? Contact us!