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Iconic sound systems for your home

With IXOOST home sound systems you can discover the luxury of listening to music with unique Bluetooth speakers, created with authentic components of racing cars and supercars that made history. With the know-how of the Italian Motor Valley’s craftsmanship, iXOOST brings legends such as Automobili Lamborghini, Abarth, and Pirelli into your home, transforming their original components into design objects. Cool high-end speakers that combine supercars’ Italian design and the acoustic quality of a hi-fi audio system with Bluetooth connectivity.

Everything stems in Modena from an easy idea, so easy that no one had ever thought of it before: using an exhaust pipe, beating heart that releases the symphony of the car, to actively play real music, transforming it into a prestigious design object.

Our luxury home sound systems are not only home-decor accessories for motor enthusiasts. Listen to the sound of your passions with iXOOST: we produce special and personalized acoustic speakers starting with any component of the world of motorsport, to create iconic objects that turn listening into a tailor made and multisensory experience.

"The sound of a 12-cylinder engine must be listened to as if it were a symphony"
Enzo Ferrari
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