Pirelli P ZERO™ Sound 150 Anniversary

The authentic Pirelli Bluetooth speaker

Pirelli P ZERO™
Sound 150 Anniversary

The authentic Pirelli Bluetooth speaker

Pirelli P ZERO™ Sound 150 Anniversario l'autentico speaker Bluetooth Pirelli

The concept

The new Pirelli P ZERO ™ Sound Bluetooth speaker is made inside the original Formula 1 ™ scale tire used for wind tunnel tests. Born from a collaboration between Pirelli and iXOOST this sound system is dedicated to the 150th Pirelli Anniversary and it is inspired by a shared passion for supercars and high performance. Here is the only wireless speaker that brings F1™ into your home, with the exclusivity of a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture.

The ultimate sound system
for Motorsport aficionados

Pirelli P ZERO ™ Sound tuned by IXOOST is a home sound system that integrates a cutting-edge Bluetooth speaker within the scale model of the famous wind tunnel tire (WTT) born from Pirelli design.
This Pirelli 150 Anniversary WTT is a reproduction of the F1 ™ tire used by the Teams in their tests, setting new standards of design and high-level technology to achieve amazing sound performance. For the 150th Anniversary, the wind tunnel tire will have a completely new look. Glossy black circle and celebratory hubcap: an exclusive item for Italian automotive aficionados who want to surround themselves with unique objects.

Pirelli P ZERO™ 150mo anniversario impianto audio da casa di lusso colore giallo
Pirelli P ZERO™ Sound 150° anniversario

A smart speaker for your home

Pirelli P ZERO ™ Sound will amaze you with its enveloping acoustics and the craftsmanship of its details. It is a hi fi system that integrates a powerful amplifier with 100W DSP and is equipped with a 130mm mid-woofer and a 25mm silk tweeter.
The audio system weighs 8 kg, and it is created inside the original Pirelli F1™ tire 150 Anniversary in 1:2 scale. With wireless connectivity and AptX Bluetooth 4.2, you will enjoy a smart listening experience.
All components are made entirely in Italy by the Modena-based firm, characterized by obsessive attention to detail, hand-crafted perfectionism, and a passion for unique design.

The Collection

Pirelli P ZERO™ Sound is available in different colors, as those used of F1™ to distinguish the different racing compound.

Pirelli P ZERO™ Sound Yellow luxury home speakers
Pirelli P ZERO™ impianto audio di lusso colore rosso
Pirelli P ZERO™ Sound White cool speakers



On/off button

Thermal protection system



8 kg

Ø 35 x 21 cm


110V – 240V ~ 50/60Hz – PCF

0,5 W draw


Bluetooth® 4.0 – aptX® decoding


1 amp 1×100 watt – tweeter/midrange


1 x 1″ tweeter

1 x 5″ midbass


45 – 22.000 Hz

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