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Create your own custom sound system with no limits to the imagination

If we created our first design sound system with an astonishing sound quality from a F1 exhaust, we are convinced that there is no limit to what it can be achieved with the imagination.

For us, creating luxury speakers means giving voice to every desire and shape to the most original ideas: you can create your own personalized sound system by combining infinite colours and materials, even making your own speaker for home starting from the exhaust manifold of the supercar of your dreams or the Formula 1® team you are most passionate about.

Share your idea with us and together we will evaluate its feasibility in a first design phase in which you will be the real protagonist. You will be able to give free rein to your imagination and see the birth of a truly unique design object for your home, which combines a passion for luxury cars with that for music.

We will carry out your project in compliance with high audio quality standards, to offer you not only an unparalleled collector’s item, but an object of great value for its technical characteristics of construction and for the sound performance.

The materials used come from the artisans of the Motor Valley, the same ones from which the supercars that have made this territory famous in the world are born. Designing the details of your audio system will be like personalizing your bespoke car and listening to its roar.

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