AMG Performance Luxury Audio


Prepare to listen to a powerful experience

Individually made of finest Italian manufacturing and craftsmanship skills, the AMG Performance Luxury Audio is the first and only hi-fi system in the world to bear the AMG brand.

Inspired by the captivating iconic lines of the stunning AMG GT, this highend speaker was co-conceived by AMG designers and the iXOOST style department.

The central body of the AMG Performance Luxury Audio is a monocoque made entirely of carbon fiber with a uniform 45-degree weave and recalls the AMG GT Black Series unmistakable hood.

On the sides of the central body are mounted the original AMG GT exhausts with active bass reflex function for a 360-degree sound experience.

The upper emblem on which the iXOOST brand is applied is the original used by AMG to customize its ultra-performing engines, while the front Mercedes and AMG logos are made of aluminum, as is the iconic grille on which they are applied.

The whole is supported by a pedestal milled from a solid block of aluminum.

Prepare to listen to a powerful experience.


Performance is the keyword

Not only a breathtaking design, but a constant search for the perfection of materials with attention to the smallest details.

AMG Performance Luxury Audio is a concentrate of technology applied to materials and sound engineering. The German technological experience is reinterpreted and combined with Italian creativity, making the AMG Performance Luxury Audio an artisanal object at the cutting edge of technology.

State-of-the-art materials combined with high-end audio speakers and electronics.

A 360-degree sound experience: 2 woofers and 2 tweeters are positioned behind the frontal aluminum grille, and 2 bass reflexes together with other 2 side tweeters make the original AMG GT exhausts roar and pump.


High end experience

The AMG Performance Luxury Audio can be viewed and listened to from any angle.

The roundness of the sound is provided by the 2×6 ” front woofers and 2×1″ front tweeters, supported by the 2×1″ side tweeters and the bass reflex pumping from the original AMG GT exhausts, that make the sound experience embracing and deep.

The pulsating engine of the audio system is the integrated DSP (Digital Signal Processor), which equalizes and perfects any input it receives via the integrated Bluetooth 4.5, transforming it into pure acoustic art.

250 RMS watts can be tamed for the mildest symphonies, or unleashed for full power.



Original AMG engine emblem

Original AMG GT exhausts

Integrated DSP





15 kg

65 x 76 x 26 cm (L x W x H)


110V – 240V ~ 50/60Hz – PCF

0,5 W draw


Bluetooth® 4.5 – aptX® decoding



1 amp 2×125 watt


4 x 1” tweeters

2 x 6” woofers


60 – 22.000 Hz

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