World Premiere iXOOST AVALÁN - luxury sound system Lamborghini™

Automobili Lamborghini and Pirelli: the partner brands renew the agreement with iXOOST

2021 has started in the best way: Automobili Lamborghini and Pirelli, the prestigious partners of iXOOST, world leaders, have extended the collaboration agreements for the creation of their Bluetooth speakers in Modena.

The partnership with Automobili Lamborghini has lasted for 7 years already and has led to the birth of two marvels of Italian design such as iXOOST ESAVOX and iXOOST AVALÁN, the speakers made respectively with original Lamborghini Aventador and Lamborghini Huracàn Performante exhausts.

With Pirelli, however, the collaboration was born only in 2018, but the splendid Pirelli P ZERO Sound achieved unimaginable sales results, a real crack on the market. And, therefore, it may not remain the only iXOOST-Pirelli speaker

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